Service-Learning and Volunteering

The Association promotes the teaching method known as Service-Learning, which links volunteer experiences with academic studies.  International students enrolled in Siena Italian Studies, who are also members of the association are present in Siena to follow the academic courses offered by the school Siena Italian Studies.  The school itself uses the opportunity of volunteering to create a true Service-Learning didactics.

In addition to students, anyone can find volunteer opportunities through the Ulisse New Cultural Association thanks to collaborations with the following organizations in Siena:

Le Mura Association – An organization that works for the preservation and promotion of the ancient walls of Siena.

A. Mici Miei – Center for the recovery of animals (cats).

Società la Proposta (L’Orto de Pecci) – Organization with the aim of inclusion of disadvantaged people who come from psychiatric distress and other situations of social marginality.

La Misericordia Siena – Ambulances and other services

Poggio al Vento – Home for the elderly


In addition to these organizations, the Ulisse New Cultural Association organizes the following voluntary activities:English in Siena

Public Schools – Native English speaking students work together with teachers in the local public schools to organize lessons to bring local children of Siena to a greater knowledge of the English language.

Intrecci – Volunteers work with refugees in Siena helping them to better assimilate life in Siena. This includes the organization of social events, small courses for personal and/or professional development to assist Italian language teachers in the Italian refugee classes.

Language Partners – Native English speaking students organize English conversation sessions for those who want to improve their communication skills in English.

Internship for the students of  the Università per Stranieri di Siena – who study to become Italian teachers (in collaboration with Siena Italian Studies).

Collaboration with OXFAM – Alphabetization and Italian Language courses for migrants.

Volunteering service at the Mensa dei Poveri (Soup Kitchen) – “San Girolamo” (Siena).

Clothes distribution Volunteering service – “San Girolamo” (Siena).

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