On 2 March 2016, the Rotary Club of Yonkers (New York) hosted the student Jessica Bunch, who during her semester at Siena Italian Studies as part of the Master in International Development, had given a strong impetus to numerous initiatives. At the Rotary Club of Siena, Jessica presented her contribution to the REPCAM nonprofit project in detail. The association is based in Cameroon and aims to provide help and resources to orphans and children of women in prison. At the momentREPCAM is supporting 698 children. Jessica’s commitment to REPCAM dates back to her study period in Siena in the fall of 2014 and her collaboration with professors and staff of the Ulisse New Cultural Association. Together with people from the Sienese community, she prepared school materials and Christmas gifts for the children of Cameroon, took them to Yaoundé and distributed them personally.


Jessica’s goal during her meeting with the Rotary Club was to inform and raise awareness of REPCAM’s projects for 2016-2017, for which funds are being sought:

1. Purchase of a bus for REPCAM activities;

2. Collection of school materials for the start of school;

3. Purchase of new or used computers for school use;

4. Dental hygiene and prevention program: sponsor a team of dentists and hygienists to

care for the staff and the children of Cameroon;

5. Art project, in which Cameroonian and American children exchange drawings to learn about

languages and cultures.

The Rotary Club was impressed by Jessica’s sense of ‘international philanthropy’ and her work in Siena. Jessica is still working with REPCAM and its projects through the Ulisse New Cultural Association and the IPSL program in Riverdale, New York. We are pleased to announce that, thanks to the collaboration of Jessica, the Rotary Club has expressed its interest in supporting REPCAM for future projects.

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