Nuova Associazione Ulisse was constituted in November 2019 to replace the existing Associazione Culturale Ulisse, founded in 2003. Nuova Associazione Ulisse inherited the structure as well as all the activities carried out by Associazione Ulisse for over 15 years: its main goal is that of promoting cultural exchange between the citizens of Siena and those who visit the city.

Siena’s medieval architecture, historical treasures, and traditional foods are just a few of the reasons that make Siena a major tourist destination in Europe. Founded by Sienese and Americans, Ulisse aims to provide opportunities for visitors and citizens to share experiences and learn more about one another.

Ulisse is a member of the International Center for Intercultural Exchange in Siena and collaborates with local schools, major volunteer organizations, and other public entities in Siena. The organization draws an international presence from a number of educational organizations that send scholars and tourists to Siena, and works closely with a local school, Siena Italian Studies, for international students who study Italian language and culture.

As a meeting point for the local volunteer community and the world of international education, Ulisse is very active in researching innovative pedagogies. Ulisse has worked since the beginning to introduce and develop the pedagogy of service-learning with numerous projects carried out through the various volunteer associations of the city. On April, 12th, 2008, Ulisse organized, together with Siena Italian Studies, an international

conference titled “Service-Learning in Italy: Exploring the Relationship between Volunteerism and Academic Institutions” at the Collegio S. Chiara. The research carried out by the members of Ulisse has also brought about the development of an innovative method for learning the Italian language called FICCS (Full-immersion: culture, content, service). In collaboration with the Universidad Fernando Pessoa di Porto, Portugal and the CELEI Institute in Granada, Spain, Ulisse is actively working towards the diffusion of the FICCS approach for teaching other languages of the European community. Additionally, Ulisse offers English and Spanish courses to members.

The Ulisse offices can be found in the very heart of Siena, moments away from the Piazza Del Campo on Via Salicotto, 19.


Ulisse Cultural Association participates as a partner in the EUFICCS (European Use of Full-Immersion, Culture, Content, Service) approach for Language Learning project, funded by the European Commission under the Lifelong Learning Programme - Key Activity 2 (Languages). The project aims at aims at enhancing the motivation and capacity of language learners to study a foreign language in the country where it is spoken as mother tongue with the use of an innovative methodology elaborated along the project and applied to the learning of Italian, Spanish and Portuguese as second languages". To learn more, click here.

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